Nexus devices to get Band 12 before ship date, Google working with T-Mobile


In case you were somewhere with no internet, Google debuted both of their next-gen Nexus devices yesterday. One being the LG-made Nexus 5X and the other being the Huawei-made Nexus 6P. An interesting note came about with what LTE Bands the devices support, one of those is Band 12. What created such a stir is that both devices will come with Band 12 disabled out of the box. Why you ask?

Well, T-Mobile has been asking manufacturers who do not employ VoLTE on their device to disable Band 12 for one main reason. In areas where T-Mobile only has Band 12, phones without VoLTE will not be able to make calls, which includes emergency only calls. This makes sense as it could cause a lawsuit if someone were trying to make a call with full LTE, but cannot make calls.

So that brings up the point of the article. Google is indeed working on VoLTE for both 5X and 6P and they are expected to have it ready in time for launch date. Straight from the Nexus team AMA on Reddit, they claim they are working very hard with T-Mobile to roll it out. So have no fear, Band 12 support will be enabled sooner than later.


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