LG G4 wallpaper gallery


The LG G4 was announced back on April 28th and it brings with it a refined design and update specs. It has entered the flagship fray of 2015 and it brings along with it all new wallpaper.

We have already brought you the HTC One M9 wallpaper gallery along with the Galaxy S6/S6 edge wallpaper gallery. Well, now it is the G4’s turn with these 10 different QHD (2880 x 2560) scrollable wallpapers. To download them on your phone, just press your desired wallpaper, scroll to the bottom, press ‘view full size’, long press the image, then save it to your device.

Let us know what you think of the official LG G4 wallpaper and which one you have on your device or which one you will use when you get your LG G4.


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