iPhone 6 to come in two variants: iPhone 6s coming?


It is well known that Apple intends to release an iPhone 6 with a bigger display. One of those displays will be 4.7 inches, while its counterpart will be 5.5 inches. Originally, it was thought that the smaller of the two would be released in September, with the iPhablet looking at a December to mid-January launch.  The reasoning for this was because of an unexpected delay in production of the highly-praised sapphire glass display. New rumors suggest that the 5.5 inch iPhone 6 won’t be the only one to get the sapphire treatment, both phones will… eventually.

According to a post on the Wall Street Journal, Apple has put forth $700 million to manufacture what they think is the future of smartphone displays. We also found out that they will release premium versions of both the 4.7 and 5.5 inch phones that will come with the scratch-resistant glass. These scratch-resistant devices won’t be released until a later date.

The reasoning behind Apple releasing two separate devices, could be related to the cost difference of manufacturing. One display of Corning Gorilla Glass 3 costs around $3 to make, where the same-sized sapphire display could cost between five and ten times as much. This may seem like a small amount, but when you sell over 30 million devices, you go from $90 million dollars for Gorilla Glass to upwards of  $450 million dollars for the sapphire version. Understandably, we will definitely see a price hike.

It already sounds like Apple is gearing up to ship out the iPhone 6 this September and possible even an iPhone 6s later this year. Their last two devices, the 4 and the 5, have already received the ‘s’ treatment, so we could expect the same to happen for the 6. If Apple is going to have premium versions of the iPhone 6, it will definitely have a name variation, which could be the ‘s’ at the end.

We will find out more details, come the iPhone 6 debut on September 9th. Until then, we have you covered on Facebook and Twitter.


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