iPhone 6 4.7″ to be unveiled September 9th


According to the latest reports around the web, Apple has scheduled a huge event that will take place September 9th. This is all but guaranteed to be the day that the world will get it’s first glimpse of the iPhone 6.

Rumors have been swirling lately about when Apple will debut it’s flagship in miss to late September, but it’s coming sooner than expected. Apple most likely moved up their date due to Samsung pushing its flagship out on September 3rd. It is still expected to be released on October 14th, but everything is subject to change.

This will be the debut of the the biggest iPhone in history, coming in with a 4.7″ display. The upcoming iPhone 6 phablet with a 5.5″ display is expected to be announced in mid-October, the same time Apple announces the iPad Air 3 and the iPad Mini 3.


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