HTC Sense 7 spotted with a hint of Android Lollipop influence


Android Lollipop has been around ever since back in June, but Google officially unveiled on October 15th. Since, OEM manufacturers have been pressured to as when they release their iterations of the biggest Android OS overhaul in history. We’ve already seen TouchWiz running on Android Lollipop, which looked very TouchWiz like with little hints of material design, but now we have Sense 7 doing the same.

The screenshots, which are from the popular HTC One (M8), show a preview as to what HTC has in-store for Sense 7. It can be seen showing off the design-aspect of the navigation bar and notification panel matching the current app the user is in. Although HTC adopted the color-concept, they have not adopted the Lollipop icons. HTC still uses their softkey buttons, Wi-Fi, service, and battery icons. 
Hopefully OEM’s will push out their updates as soon as possible, sooner than the 90 day period they seem to be quoting. The good news is, the more system updates like this leak, the more likely the release is sooner rather than later.



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