Here’s why the iPhone 6 will come with more than 1GB of RAM


According to the latest leaked image from a Chinese website called Weibo, the iPhone 6 will only come with 1GB. This has been the standard for Apple since the original iPhone 5 was released in 2012. While other companies are running with a standard 2GB, 3GB, and even now 4GB of RAM, Apple is running behind the competition. Here are the reasons why we think the iPhone 6 will come with at least more than 1GB of RAM and maybe even 3GB.

The first and main reason why we think that Apple will increase the amount of RAM in the iPhone 6 is pretty basic. Apple is going against their normal design standard by expanding their screen size by their biggest margin in history. This is a direct result of the competition making a 5 inch display around the standard. Apple is going from a below-average 4 inch display, up to 4.7 and 5.5 inches. If they are follow the trail of the competition, with updating the display, they are destined to increase the amount of RAM. 
Another reason why Apple will increase the amount of RAM is because of their updated processor. The iPhone 6 will debut the A8 processor which will be clocked at a higher speed than the A7. The A7 is dual-core and clocked at 1.3 GHz. Rumors have suggested that the A8 processor will eclipse the 2 GHz mark, and may even touch as high as 2.6 GHz. If Apple is looking to improve the specs on this phone, they will start with the processor clocking it higher, but that won’t do it all. If Apple is looking for groundbreaking performance, they will definitely add more RAM to compensate it. 
The last reason has to do with consumers. Consumers always demand the best, and if enough of them are heard, they usually get what they want. Take Samsung for instance. Consumers have longed for a more premium design on the Galaxy devices, similar to the likes of the iPhone, and they are now receiving it. While Apple devices have the premium design, they are lacking the premium specs. It is hard for a consumer to justify paying upwards of $800 for an iPhone that doesn’t come with top-of-the-line specs. While it may come with a great processor, the RAM is lacking. 
Our prediction is that the if Apple does indeed release standard and premium versions of the iPhone 6, we will most likely see higher RAM. The iPhone 6 with the 4.7 inch display will most likely receive 1-1.5GB of RAM whereas its premium counterpart will most likely come with 2GB. The iPhone 6L with the larger 5.5 inch display will definitely come with at least 2GB on the standard model with the premium model maybe even receiving 3GB. 
Apple has to justify its price-point more than ever this year. They can’t just rely on their bigger screens and new processor to have them compete with the Note 4, LG G3, Xperia Z3, X+1, and the Nexus 6. When the majority of the devices previously listed come at a lower price with higher-end specs, Apple will have to explain some things. Premium designs are a major part in the sales-pitch of smartphones, but they aren’t necessarily the biggest. If Apple wants to regain their lost market share, they will have to do add more RAM to their devices. That is why we expect Apple to bump up the RAM in both of their devices. 
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