Galaxy S6 running Android 5.1.1 gets previewed


It’s been well over a month since Android 5.1.1 first was found running on a Galaxy S6 edge device courtesy of an XDA forum goer. It was either a soak test or a mistake on T-Mobile’s part, but it was the real deal. Now, with a rumored launch date of June, SamMobile has posted an exclusive video showing off the features of what is to come on the Galaxy S6/S6 edge’s first major software update.

One of the main features of 5.1.1 is that it supposedly fixes the memory leak issue that first debuted with Android Lollipop back in November. On top of that, it adds a huge performance boost and adds a few extra features.

For the Galaxy S6/S6 edge, the device will receive a camera update that brings new modes and multi-user support. Multi-user support was something that debuted with Android Lollipop, but Samsung didn’t include in on the initial software of the devices. Another big change will the ability to disable the S Finder and Quick Connect in the notification shade.

There are also many other additions and tweaks throughout the UI, but we won’t know until its finalized in the official build. For a good idea of what is to come, watch the video above from SamMobile. The update is rumored to be released sometime around the middle of the month.



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