Galaxy Note 5 slated to have USB 3.1 Type-C port


The Galaxy Note 5, which is going to be debuted at IFA 2015 in September, has had multiple rumors surface already. The most interesting one by far comes today. The latest reports suggests Samsung will be one of the first adopters of the USB Type-C port. They will start the new trend on the Galaxy Note 5.

The perks of the USB 3.1 Type-C port go beyond the symmetrical design that is able to plug in right-side up or down. Transfer speeds in a USB 3.1 Type-C port is up to 10Gbps. Not only that, but a Type-C has many perks such as it offers 20 volts and 5 amps of power as opposed to 5 volts and 1.8 amps. That means devices will be charged a whole lot faster. Not only that, but USB Type-C enabled devices can charge other devices which is pretty slick.

That brings us to the last part about the rumor. It also suggests that the Note’s battery sized will be upped to a massive 4,100 mAh. Now this may seem like a lot, but it is a great addition, especially since the Galaxy Note 5 will be able to charge other devices. Not only that, but the device’s screen will get upped as well, to 5.89 inches compared to 5.7 inches of its predecessor. Samsung wants to separate it from the Galaxy S6 Plus. On top of it all, it will sport Samsung’s latest Exynos 7422 processor.



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