Galaxy Note 4 release nearing: Galaxy Note 3 receives price cut


We have heard for the last week or so that the Galaxy Note 4 is expected to be released late next month, and more and more evidence continue to support that claim. At first, it was reported that Samsung pushed up it’s release to September to beat out the Apple iPhone 6 to the shelves. Later Samsung’s Unpacked event was rumored, then eventually announced for September 3rd. Earlier this week an image leak of paid time off blackouts for Samsung flooded the internet, leaving everyone to expect a September 15th release for the popular phablet.

The latest evidence on the internet suggest a discount on the Note 3. Around the internet we are seeing at least $100 off the Galaxy Note 3 without a contract. A price cut of a previous flagship device means only one thing: a new and improved device is coming. This supports the claim more than ever that the Note 4 will definitely see a mid-September release.


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