Did you miss out on a Nexus 6 pre-order? You can find them on eBay for 2K!


It happened with the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, and now it’s happening with the Nexus 6. The only difference is the Nexus 6 isn’t even released yet, and isn’t expected to be shipped for 3-4 weeks. Multiple users on eBay have ponied up their Nexus 6 pre-orders, and some are going for extraordinary amounts.

While most are listed at or around $1,000 for a 32 GB model in Midnight Blue, a 64 GB model in the popular Midnight Blue is going for $2,000. With 19 bids and 9 bidders, some people really want this phone! Don’t worry, you can still get your bid in, there’s still over a day left on the auction.

What some people might not know, is that the expected launch date for carriers may come before Google’s. We got in contact with a T-Mobile rep, and they stated the phone will be launched on November 12th. The key here is that it is a launch date, not a pre-order date. So while some might be bidding for a phone that won’t be available until late November, you could beat them to the punch.


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