Android O Developer Preview 4 keeps white theme, has new O themed Easter egg


After nearly 2 months since the Android O Developer Preview 3 was launched, Developer Preview 4 has landed. DP4 is last update before the official Android O update comes live, so it comes with “the final system behaviors, the latest bug fixes and optimizations, and the final APIs (API level 26).” It also comes with a few new features.

The big news coming with Developer Preview 4 is that Android 8.0 will keep the white notification shade. It was rumored recently that with DP4 it would go back to the default gray, but that isn’t the case. Granted, it can change once the official Android O images come out, it is unlikely.

New Octopus themed Easter egg

Android O Easter egg

We were also promised a new Easter egg to coincide with Android 8.0 and we got it. While it isn’t much of a game, it is much different than Nougat’s cat game. Android 8.0 contains an octopus that you drag around the screen. It’s definitely not as interactive as Lollipop or Marshmallow’s Flappy Bird remake, but it’s better than nothing.

Easier to share multiple images

Android O Media Sharing

Another new feature of Android O DP4 is easier media sharing. With DP4, once you click “share” on media, it brings you to the standard sharing screen. With the new update you can quickly and easily share more than one image. On previous versions of Android, you would have to long press an image, click the rest of the images you’d like to share, then hit the share button. This way is much more efficient.

Color matched notification dots return

Android O DP4 color dots

One of the big bug fixes in this version of the Developer Preview is that color matched dots are back. On DP3, the dots were all the same color. Another big update is the fact that media notifications do not show up as persistent notifications.

If we come across anymore newly added features in Android O, we’ll be sure to keep this updated. Have you downloaded the Android O Developer Preview 4? Let us know!


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