Android N in pictures (screenshot gallery)


In one of the most unexpected moves made by Google in recent memory, they released the Android N Developer Preview way ahead of expectations. There were rumblings this morning about the update going live thanks to a premature Ars Technica article, but that was the only source. Sure enough it was true and around noon (CST), the factory images were posted.

Below is an assorted screenshot gallery of a bunch of new things in Android N. The main changes are to the settings, notification panel, and notifications. All-in-all, the operating system follows Material Design much more and is cleaner in my personal opinion. There are still some bugs, like some apps not being compatible, System UI tuner settings not sticking, and other random ones here and there. It’s the first Developer Preview, so it can only get better from here.

I will be doing an overview of Android N in the coming days, so stay tuned. So far though I am really enjoying the redesign of the notification panel and the new notifications. It is much cleaner and easier to get more information at a glance. Another big highlight is the ability to quick reply from notifications. It doesn’t have a overlay of the app and is more like iOS or Windows 10 Mobile.


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