Here’s what the slim-bezeled 2018 iPad Pro could look like


Rumors of the 2018 iPads have already started flying around and we are two months out from 2018. That is because next year’s iPads are expected to gain Face ID. Along with adding Face ID, the iPads of 2018 are expected to be completely redesigned, adopting the slim bezel look. Thanks to some renders from concept creator Benjamin Geskin, we have an idea as what the 2018 iPad Pro could look like.

Since the 2018 iPads are expected to gain Face ID and a slim-bezeled design, the home button will be removed. That means it will have no fingerprint sensor either. That hasn’t stopped consumers from picking up the iPhone X, so it seems Apple is fully moving on from the home button.

As you can see, the renders of the 2018 iPad Pro follow the iPhone X design very closely. The one thing missing is the “top notch”. That is due the next generation iPad having larger bezels to accommodate for thumb holding space. You’ll also notice these renders have the iPad Pro sporting an all-aluminum body, like its predecessors. That is most likely due to how fragile and heavy a glass-backed iPad would be. Regardless, it is definitely one of the best looking tablets to date.

What are your thoughts on these renders of the 2018 iPad Pro? Let us know and be sure to give Benjamin Geskin (VenyaGeskin1) a follow!


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