AnTuTu Benchmark scores

Here is our entire library of AnTuTu Benchmark scores for smartphones. Instead of providing our readers with just the overall score, we want to show the in-depth scores in each category. It makes it much easier to compare devices rather than just looking at the overall score. All devices that are in our database are running the manufacturer’s latest firmware.

We currently have a limited supply of AnTuTu Benchmark scores, so if you have a device that is not listed or the score is out of date, please contact us. Provide a listing of scores or just email us at [email protected] with screenshots.

Here is the official AnTuTu Benchmark website and you can find the app on the Google Play Store.

AnTuTu Benchmark Scores

DeviceProcessorRAMTotal ScoreMultitaskRuntimeCPU IntegerCPU Float-pointSingle-thread IntegerSingle-thread FloatRam OperationRAM Speed2D Graphics3D GraphicsStorage I/ODatabase I/O
Galaxy S6Exynos 74203 GB690159641426610670641525422173335739731634210582571715
OnePlus OneSnapdragon 8013 GB44795732926573041378921182514191218661707146292563670
OnePlus XSnapdragon 8013 GB40746582538773591387425132285198520981609107681638680
OnePlus 2Snapdragon 8104 GB58479644630688397496221261872237045961652197402555695
Nexus 6Snapdragon 8053 GB49655704839924115454330182720235028281627144692305640
Nexus 6PSnapdragon 8103 GB52574596343007226412923702062216734471645160282557680
ZenFone 2Intel Z3580 4 GB48348617841024501448321082108326330271642133582545735
G4Snapdragon 8083 GB51061672541517325474121911918236042811642124662571690
One M9Snapdragon 8103 GB50852477239226304408918641609210230751624182292557705
Moto X (2013)Snapdragon S42 GB26493403523491411157218491665689107316759015510650
Moto X (2014)Snapdragon 8012 GB46109738939273845404328272513215316361637137711663705
DROID Turbo 2Snapdragon 8103 GB61124680841798924552723092093276150581643191371920765
HTC One A9Snapdragon 6173 GB4051950613400654849861528123425721995163082332587745
G3Snapdragon 8013 GB43049693935393531364826542326182722721649115092450705